Big, small, boxy, straight lines, cushy and comfy, Sofas of all kinds!

Last weekend was extremely exciting for me, we took delivery of our new hall furniture. We had bought it online, and were going to be seeing it in person for the very first time. It needed to be assembled first though, during which I was left thinking about all the types of Sofas and living room furniture we browsed through in person and online. Believe it or not, the range of available furniture types for the living room can leave you feeling confused and uncomfortable making a choice that will be permanent for a few years at the least! The key is to be comfortable with the design you are choosing along with keeping in mind a few functional elements.

Here are some types of Sofas/Living room furniture that I managed to put together:

1. Sofas : The name originates from Arabic word for wool, suffa. They typically consist of a frame made from wood/metal or plastic that is entirely or mostly upholstered. While there are many types of sofas, made from different materials, the prominent feature is that they are large, comfortable and just looking at them makes one want to sink in! Well sofas are also sometimes known as settee or couch. Sofas usually come in 3, 2 and 1 seater options or as a set of 3+2+1 or 3+1+1, the 2 seaters are popularly known as love-seats. They come in leather, corduroy, velvet, canvass, faux leather and a range of other fabrics. Variety in prints, shapes and sizes add to the choice you have, to bring home the sofa that aptly captures your style and personality. Lets take a look at a few of them, these products are available through various brands:

Clean Lines Sofa_UrbanLadderElegant lines and rounded edges gives a classic look, that can be beautifully personalised with throw cushions. (Image Credit:


Such  2-seater or Love Seat is a must have for every home, comfortable and cozy and perfect for two! (

Sofa set 3+1+1_UrbanLadderSome classic charm in the form of buttoned backrests and sleek lines for a classic living room (

sofa set 3+2+1+1_Urbanladder

Minimalist lines provide a timeless look and very little risk as it will fit perfectly into any room design. Add a colourful rug and throw and its good to entertain your guests! (

Karlsson_Chester Sofa

Karlsson Natural Leather sofa in the Chesterfield design for that Glamorous look! ( )

2. Sectionals : This type of living room furniture has gained immense popularity in recent times. As the name suggests these sofas come in sections, that can be arranged as you want. They come in many shapes and varieties such as with and without armrests. The ones without armrests offer even greater flexibility as you can move any section just about anywhere you want! They are available in a range of fabric options and prints. Here are few:


Sectional Leather Sofa, available in a range of seating options (Image credit :

sectional sofa3

Larger sectional sofa 2+1+1+end unit in fabric ( Image credit :

Sofa Beds : This option is ideal for space conservation in small apartments and also to ensure flexibility of use. These units can be used as sofa by the day and as bed by the night. They come in many shapes and styles also accommodating different sizes when used as bed. Here are some wonderful sofa beds :

sofa bed 1

Sofa bed, the extra portion that serves as the bed is drawn out from below the sofa seat and forms a bed by night!

sofa bed 2

These sleek sofas can be bent back to make a flat bed, most suited for single person usage.

Even sectional sofas can be utilised as a bed by moving sections from a linear format into a bed-like setting.

Diwans : These are simple but extremely comfortable furniture that is used to entertain, used as a day bed and even a single bed by the night. They are most popular with a flat wooden frame that supports a thick bed along with many cushions and 2 bolsters at either end. In Indian homes diwan can be found as mattress placed directly on the floor with cushions to support the back and the arms.  The diwans however are also available in varying wood types, with simple lines and extravagant carving and detailing as well. Let us take a look at some diwan designs:


A diwan setting  with a back wooden frame, also popular as the day bed. (Image credit :


A typical Diwan sports colourful upholstery and bed spread.

Canapé : This sofa originated from France and is known for its ornamental woodwork spanning across the back to the armrests and elegant legs that make this 3 seater look poised and stylish. In contemporary  room designs, this piece of furniture can look wonderful as an accent piece. This looks great not just in your living room but also in your bedroom or study! Depending on the fabric used, this piece can mean subtle elegance or showy grandeur. Here are some :


Simple and Elegant (Image credit :


Timeless Beauty (Image credit : )

Wooden Furniture : Living room furniture focused on the wood design is a favorite of mine, the wood can be Rosewood, Teak, Shesham or Mango, here the beautiful texture is there to see, unobstructed by upholstery. Cushions compliment the woodwork and play secondary to wood design. There are many kinds of furniture available for the living room, with wood being very versatile in shape, size, shade and teaming up with accessories. Stores such as Fabindia and Mother Earth among a few have some wonderfully crafted wooden furniture teamed with beautiful ethnic fabrics in bright shades. This type of furniture in India comes from regions such as Jaipur in Rajasthan , showcasing the skills of the local craftsmen.Here are some such furniture:


Simple and classic wooden furniture teamed up with a few cushions. (Image Credit : Indusraft)


Image Credit : IndusKraft


Japanese style low seating furniture (Image Credit : KraftNDecor)

Cane Furniture : Cane furniture is not just for your informal setting, they can be beautifully constructed, are pretty strong and extremely comfortable with the right kind of cushions. Cane furniture are beautiful in their natural shade of gold, but they can also be custom painted into any colour you can think of, they can imitate the wood stains such as honey or walnut. But also sport colours such as a bright cobalt blue or lemon yellow! Pairing such with bold printed cushions in contrasting shades can add style and energy to your living room, your friends will love it and the conversation will flow much easier! Here are some :


The natural fibers stand out so beautifully, earthy and vibrant. (Image Credit :


Beautiful in blue, yes you guessed it, blue is my weakness! (Image Credit :


Makes you want to snuggle right in! (Image credit :

So thats the range of furniture you can choose from,keeping some basic functional aspects in mind, such as space available, maintenance requirements and budget will help you pick the right piece of furniture for your living room.


i would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on the same!

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