Screens and Partitions, Help You Acheive More With Less!

My love for screens and partitions started with a visit to my best friend’s house way back in my childhood, as I sat in their apartment living room admiring their intricately carved out wooden partition shielding the dining area from my view. Since then I have been fascinated by the beautiful range of screens and partitions available  in the market.

There are all kinds, from silk screens stretched by wooden bars, bamboo screens, intricate wooden carvings, cane to even metal work, glass and plastic/fibre options. Their usage is also versatile. While small apartments can use it to define spaces and provide privacy, larger spaces can use it to highlight decor. A wooden Jalli work screen will look great against a painted wall, showing the Jalli pattern in relief.  Exotic silk screens add beauty and glamor to your interiors. Lets take a look at some of these options:

silk screen partition

Fabric stretched across wooden frame, translucent screen provides an excellent setting in this room with warm lighting (Photo credit : product as seen available on

Baroque style

Ethnic motifs designed on this 4 panel wooden partition looks striking and would provide an excellent focal point (Photo credit : Image of product as available on


I love the look on this partition with printed fabric sandwiched between the wood panels (Photo credit :


Laser cut steel work featured in this partition lends a sophisticated touch to the interiors (Photo credit : Product as featured on

wicker weiku

Wicker partition (Photo credit : Product as seen on

rattan screen aliexpress

Rattan partition of coir and wood (Photo credit : Product as seen on

rattan aliexpress

String and wooden frames put together a mesmerising effect in this partition which will also look great with warm background lighting (Photo credit : Product as seen on

Many such screens and partitions come in a ready to use form, be it a single screen or 2 fold, 3 fold or 4 fold, you can just pull them out of the box and unfold them. But other variety that require some amount of manual set up are also available and they provide a rather unique look. The Acrylic Panels that hang from the roof in an inter-linked manner is one such product.

3D hanging partition3D Acrylic hanging interior room partition panels in ivory (Photo credit : Product as seen on

The partition might serve a functional purpose of dividing the space into designated spaces of living and dining or lounge and study. But regardless of the functionality, many of the screen partitions available today add appeal to the design and visual representation of the house. They can be earthy and cozy or sleek and glamorous or sophisticated and hi-tech. Flexibility of movement is another great feature as these screens are not permanent fixtures, you can move them around to add variety to your interiors as and when you feel like it!

wood 4 interiorpik

This stylish partition separates the living room area from the rest of the house (Photo credit :

exterior lounge room partition interiorpik

This bamboo inspired partition is used outdoor to separate the lounge area, but adds to the overall nature inspired look (Photo credit :

partition room

Wooden partition on either side separate the living area and the the study area in this functional yet stylish set up (Photo credit :


Mesh style backdrop partition in this small space apartment provides a great focal point (Photo credit :

Would you like your home to sport one of these beauties? I sure do!


i would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on the same!

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