The World Of Warli Art

It’s been right under our nose and yet we failed to accredit it as it truly deserves. I’m talking about the mesmerising tribal art forms of India. There are many such art forms that stem from the cultural fabric of our country, paintings done in various parts of India, by highly talented yet extremely simple people. The art forms have graced their homes, directly painted on walls as murals, on floors, paper, hide or even leather. But many modern day homes miss out on the opportunity to bring a little bit of this into our interior decor.

One specific tribal art form that interests me is Warli, the reason is the simplicity of the design. The flexibility of being able to tell any story through painting Warli forms and the sheer beauty of the colour contrasts. This art form has its roots in the Warli or Varli community belonging to the region between Maharashtra and Gujarat. And unlike many other Indian art forms, does not depict mythological characters. Instead the focus is on daily social life. The flat style of drawing surprisingly feels animate as animals, scenery and people come alive through Warli.

warli dance(Photo Credit :

While the shapes are very simple, usually just consisting of the circle, triangle and square , other nature inspired shapes also appear through the drawings. The traditional method is to prepare the wall of a house in maroon or red ochre using a mixture of earth, water and cow dung to ensure longevity of the stain, the Warli figures are then painted in relief in white using a mixture of rice paste water and glue for binding. Apparently the art was done in homes for special occasions ranging from weddings to festivals. Today as it is slowly gaining urban popularity one can see it more often in city areas. Bangalore has walls painted in public spaces with the Warli art. Sanctioned by the BBPM, these creative stretches provide a break from the monotony of traffic and travel.

Warli wall _The Hindu(Photo Credit : The Hindu Archives)

This simple yet stunning art from is inspiring people to try their own hand at it and some of the adventurous try it out true to its original form – right on their home walls! Reshma Sharma is one such person, her home is a delight for all those who enjoy ethnic art forms merged into modern spaces. Ethnic motifs, traditional art and loving doses of green adorn her nooks and corners. Here is a peek into her Warli themed wall, boldly painted in pink:

Warli Wall_Reshma(Photo Credit : Reshma Sharma, )

These days noticing Warli themed decor items offer great focal points in Indian interiors, many companies provide a range of Warli inspired decor products ranging from beautifully painted terracotta pots to even throw cushions and clocks. Here are some products available in the market today and can add a little extra charm to your home.

warli art Credit

lamp_warli_pepperfry(Photo Credit :

red_clock_craftsvilla(Photo credit :

warli terracotta pot_pinterest(Photo Credit :

chaimatki_warli_pinterest(Photo Credit :

warli pillow_etsy(Photo Credit :

warli_tray_theelephantcompany(Photo Credit :

I stumbled upon this online store called and they have some very interesting home decor products, furnishing and furniture. Some of these beautiful products are Warli inspired:

warli bedspread

(Photo Credit :

peg table

(Photo Credit :

I’m sure a couple of these products have caught your fancy and you are wondering how soon you can get them home. If you are not ready to go shopping, there are some simple ways to incorporate Warli in your existing furnishing as well, such as if you have a plain cushion, how about painting some simple Warli figures on them, or for your plant pots, you can even try out Warli designs on plain furniture as seen in the above product and create some unique decor items for your home!

I leave you with a small Warli inspired sketch I did last evening on a piece of silk cloth, that I plan to use in my cabinet door panel instead of glass.







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  1. waooo …this blog contains very beautiful collection of Arts . I really like it .

    1. Anusha Ram says:

      I’m glad you liked it, thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. swethadhaara says:

    Lovely and stunningly beautiful. Will check that website too..

    1. Anusha Ram says:

      Hi Swetha, Thanks for stopping by 🙂 go right ahead and explore the links, there are many more lovely products that I could not include in this write up.

      1. swethadhaara says:

        Sure Anusha. Actually I am looking out for ideas for decorating coloring and others looks for new house and your blog is really a good source for me. Keep providing such interesting ideas. Thanks a lot!!

      2. Anusha Ram says:

        Setting up a new home is the most wonderful experience. My husband and myself have been doing just that for the past 6 months, drop me a line at if you have any queries that I can help with! and thanks again for your appreciation 😀

      3. swethadhaara says:

        That’s very kind of you..will surely do that!!

  3. Hi Anusha. you have a lovely blog space here . Loved it ! Also, many thanks for showcasing my pink Warli wall 🙂

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