Summertime Travel!


When I told my friends, I was off on a vacation over the weekend they wanted to know my destination. And when I mentioned the name of the town in Andhra Pradesh, they were amused that instead of taking a break from the heat, I was in fact  jumping from the frying pan and right into the fire!

The past three days that we spent in Chittoor & Puttur in Andhra Pradesh were HOT! HOT! HOT! and DRY!

But also loads of fun as it always is when family gets together, rest assured there is plenty of good food, stories that need to be told and some re-told (a 100 times over!), fun games and activities planned and new findings and experiences. I ate more than I normally do, since every family member was on a ‘lets-fatten-poor-anusha’ mode! I did rather enjoy it 😛

We had picnic by a waterfall, the water refreshingly cold, so cold that it was initially a shock and my husband was worried I was having trouble breathing! But slowly all I wanted was to stand under the pelting fall. Some great food and a small nap under the mango trees. A walk through the mango orchard, and the unforgettable experience of  getting tender coconuts from the tree and enjoying the refreshing drink.  Indeed this trip was was quite a break from city life.


More on how I struggled to learn everything about how silk sarees are made in Narayanavanam, in just a single day and staying in a very much lived in village home that is more than 150 years old in the next few posts.

So tell me now, what is your most memorable vacation ?



i would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on the same!

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