Our First Blooms!

About three weeks back we planted these seedlings, which I suppose is a variety of Centaurea. This morning we woke up to our first blooms, evenly across all four planters. Such a pleasure to behold! There is nothing more overjoying than gardening and to see the plants bear flowers and fruits.  

Glassy Beauty

Glass is beautiful. Stained or coloured glass is stunning! I’m loving a recent trend of home decorating with stained bottles, coloured glass lamps and tea light holders. Glass vases have always been popular and even exorbitantly priced sometimes. But now the market has also made available, up-cycled glass bottles that might have held perfume or…

Green Cheer Inside Out!

I have used this beautiful ‘chundan vallam’ or a Snake Boat to hold some green in the living room. Painted Clay Pots to sport forever blooms and some that stay beautiful for a few days 😀

Watch A Flower Blooming…

Watch A Flower Opening In The Morning. Just Go On Watching, This Is Grace. There Is No Effort At All, The Flower Just Moves According To Nature. ~ Osho   Flowers add so much happiness to the environment. It was pleasure watching this bud slowly transform into a full bloom today!