A New Beginning…

The past two weeks have been hectic to say the least. A lot of positive changes have taken place in the meantime, one of which is that my recharging sabbatical has come to an end and I’m getting back to working full-time. The other being, Kam and myself have decided to celebrate our second year anniversary by going on a road trip through Maharashtra. The next few months are definitely full of excitement and I hope to share the fun of new experiences on my blog as well.

Here is an abstract sketch I did while waiting at an interview:

Excited Sketch


3 Comments Add yours

  1. swethadhaara says:

    All the best and we are eager to hear exciting experiences from ur road trip….

    1. Anusha Ram says:

      Hi Swetha, Thanks a lot! And I sure will keep you posted on the trip! So how is your new home coming along?

  2. Wow ! You are talent …this look so cute .

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